Friday, February 05, 2010

Sorry For This Religious Advert

I am in the middle of writing a spec with a religious background (along with armies of rats and dust bunnies that come alive) and, well, have you read a good book recently? I mean, a book that will change your life. A book that will give you the answers you seek? A book that doesn't require you to wear special magic underpants? Have I got a book for you...

- Bill

TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: High Concept - and finding a unique idea.
Dinner: Subway again - blackforest ham today.
Pages: Like one and a half on the spec... pisser. After doing almost 8 pages the day before, I thought I'd do another 8 maybe and get ahead... though some of those planned 8 pages were going to be for the bad-cops script.

But I didn't sleep well last night, but felt okay today and thought I'd still get some pages done and maybe even get those 8 planned pages... but the brain just wasn't working. Should have forced it, but didn't. Instead mostly played online. Yeah, well - I'll make it up tomorrow. I hope.

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Nathan Shumate said...

We Mormons have never understood the fascination other people have with our underwear...

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