Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lancelot Link Thursday

Lancelot Link Thursday! For those of you who buy Playboy for the articles, here are some articles about screenwriting and the biz that may be of interest to you. Brought to you by that suave and sophisticated secret agent...

1) US Supreme Court Justice Teaches Screenwriting?

2) More Movie Cliches We Love

3) WOLFMAN remake is ripoff of TWILIGHT?

4) Your Brilliant Dialogue... Subtitled!

That last one shows you why actions are more important than dialogue in screenwriting. You need to tell your story through the actions of the characters, because who knows what your dialogue will translate to when they get done with it! That clever dialogue you slaved over? Um, didn't make it through the translation process. The only thing you can be sure will make it is the picture part - so remember that what is on the screen is what is important in screenwriting.

- Bill


TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: Deadlines (on screen) - a *half new* tip using TAKING OF PELHAM 123 and OUT OF TIME - both starring Denzel - as examples.
Dinner: A salad.
Bicycle: No - was supposed to have a meeting at Fox, but they postponed at the last minute and I wasted much of the day... and I get to try it all over again tomorrow! Let's hope they don't postpone it again - Century City is an annoying drive with no place to park once you get there. (okay - I parked in the mall.)

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