Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New Issue Of Script Magazine - Star Trek, Terminator

Here's what's inside:

Interview: Bob Peterson and Pete Docter Elevate the Art of Story Telling With Up
It’s a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. No, not Russia -- Pixar! Writer Bob Peterson and director Pete Docter sit down to discuss the studio’s next feature, Up, and explain how the brand’s unique story process works.

Man Versus Machine Terminator Salvation
Skynet has become self-aware, Judgment Day has come, and Earth as we know it has been obliterated in a nuclear holocaust ... now what? Writers John Brancato and Michael Ferris pick up the story and switch gears in hopes that Salvation will uphold the Terminator franchise's legacy.

Writers on Writing: Land of the Lost
Sure, futuristic aliens stood alongside prehistoric dinosaurs, but that’s what made Land of the Lost a mid-70s’ Saturday morning staple. Scribes Chris Henchy and Dennis McNicholas recount how they updated the familiar weirdness in their big-screen adaptation.

Living Longer and Prospering: Crafting the new Star Trek
Dyed-in-the-wool Trekker Roberto Orci and passionate fan Alex Kurtzman were nonetheless surprised that the first adventures of the original Star Trek team had never been dramatized. Here, the writing and producing team talks about why and how they took on that challenge with a little help from two original cast members and one slightly warped timeline.

The Best is About to Get Better
As we approach the long-awaited release of Final Draft version 8, the Final Draft, Inc. Product Usability Team offers their impressions, assessments and expectations for the upgrade.

The Ultimate Writer's Workspace Giveaway
We’ve been stocking up on over $8,500 worth of essential screenwriting gear with the intent of handing it all over to you -- if you can prove that you deserve it. Take a look at all that’s included in our ultimate writer’s workspace and enter for your chance at the prize.

Reality Bites: Writers Get Clever
What can drama writers learn from reality television? Phil Gladwin examines the story of the late Jade Goody and ponders how reality serves writers in a world obsessed with voyeurism.

I *Heart* Unsympathetic Protags
Who says that every protagonist must be sympathetic? Just about everyone. Mystery Man, however, explores the possibilities of the unsympathetic protagonist and argues that audiences don’t need to feel for a character in order for the story to be successful.

ProdCo Spotlight: Radical Publishing
Barry Levine turned his cinematic approach to rock ‘n’ roll photography toward the animated world of graphic novels. In the midst of successful graphic novels turned box-office hits, he formed Radical Publishing -- a company focused on creating premium comic-book products that will eventually land on the big screen.

New Media: Anytime Creativity Strikes
When the writers strike left Bob Kushell and Russell Arch with an unfamiliar abundance of free time, they resorted to producing a five-minute Web talk show out of Arch‘s garage. The result, Anytime With Bob Kushell, proves that people like their talk any way they can get it.

Independents: Anatomy of An Action Scene, Part 1
What’s the point of action in a film? Should you even include it in your screenplay? Using Casino Royale and Hellboy II, William Martell explains how and why action scenes should do more for characters than beat them to a pulp.

Good Examples: Jonathan Nolan on The Dark Knight
By now the shattering performances by Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger have become synonymous with the success of The Dark Knight. But the seriousness of purpose with which its screenwriters crafted the script was key to the film’s triumph. Writer Jonathan Nolan recalls what went into the landmark screenplay.

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Sam T. said...
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Sam T. said...

This issue seems to have everything. Personally I am interested in these two articles:
Anatomy of an action Scene Part 1 Jonathan Nolan on The Dark Knight

I wish they had an article on the Public Enemies movie. Maybe in the next issue.

ObiDonWan said...

I wish the mag would go online; where I live, there's no copies on the (two only) stands.

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