Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Book Value Increases

My out of print book sells used on Amazon for about $100 - it's been as high as $321. It's sold on e-bay for $750... I get none of this money. It seems like most of the places on Amazon are book stores and used book stores - I can imagine someone coming in and trading 5 books (including mine) and getting one free... and then the book store sells the book online for $100!

Or maybe $182.15 - the current asking price for a used copy on Amazon!


Amazing! I hope the guy who traded it at the used book store got something nice.

I haven't checked e-bay, yet - but maybe there's a copy there for under $200!

- Bill (still working on the new edition)


Steve Peterson said...

Amazon Booksurge, Lulu, and other Print on Demand offerings are actually pretty good nowadays -- though I'd think you'd be able to score a decent sized publishing house!

wcmartell said...

I have two publishers interested at Book Expo - but I have to finish the rewrite first...

- Bill

ashes1998 said...


I told you this on Wordplayer when I said I was selling the Citibank stock in my IRA and buying Martell stock.

Damn. That was when Citibank was trading at $52.

Put a line in your next script: "Good action beats bad accounting any day".

Sam T. said...

$750 on ebay and I thought I paid a lot for my own copy. Looking forward to the revamped second edition.

Anonymous said...

too bad you didn't hold back a box for yourself and started selling them on Amazon, ebay and Powells... then you could be seeing some of that money

Dave said...

There's one on eBay now -- starting at 10 bucks.

rorybaldwin said...

Starting from £136 on amazon.co.uk. I'm keeping mine!

wcmartell said...

Very good used condition. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Seller User ID: bwibook
Feedback: 70,973 | 96.4%

$175.38 +$3.49

- Bill

Eleanor said...


They look pretty good if you need a self-publisher.

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