Monday, May 25, 2009

Green Latern Trailer

This fan made fake trailer is amazing. It makes me want to see a movie that doesn't exist, and makes me want to ask my friend Paul who is stunt-double for Nathan about all of the behind the scenes stuff (which obviously hasn't happened... yet!).

Things like this make me feel like a thawed out caveman - some danged kid probably made this on his laptop... and I can't figure out how to get my VCR to stop blinking 00:00.

AND: My friend Scott who does coverage for producers for a living, also offers his services to screenwriters. Find out what the studio reader thinks of your script - for $60. Sixty Buck Notes.

- Bill


James Patrick Joyce said...

Ah, man...

And I would definitely get behind that casting. Nathan Fillion would be an amazing Hal Jordan.

mrswing said...


How on Oa did they put this together if it's a fake???

I agree with James, Nathan Fillion would be perfect for Hal Jordan, and it could be his breakout role.

I did a review of a Green Lantern script on my blog,, which looks like the shooting draft. We can only hope the movie will look as good as this fictional trailer...

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