Friday, May 08, 2009

Important Information For All Of Us!

Yes, it's Friday and the Hitchcock articles are still trapped in my computer trying to get out. But here's a public service message that will help everyone live a better life. It's about Zinc Oxide...

There - aren't you glad you took the time to watch that? Have a great weekend!

Classes On CD On Sale!

- Bill


TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: Reversals in action & ROAR WARRIOR.
Yesterday’s Dinner: half a chicken at a non-chain chicken place while bike riding... against the freakin' wind!


Sir Isaac said...

I'm a new reader to your script tip of the day and your blog. This is good stuff. Question: How do you write reversals in a spec script like the Mad Max example? It's all narrative and isn't alot of narrative bad for a spec script? Help this Newbie out.


wcmartell said...

All *boring* stuff is bad. You want it to be exciting, and you also want to space it out on the page so that it isn't a big block of black text.

Read some Shane Black and/or Walter Hill scripts for an example.

- Bill

wcmartell said...

I just added two script page examples to the tip - the opening scene from THE MATRIX and a scene from LONG KISS GOODNIGHT. Should have done that long ago!

- Bill

Sir Isaac said...

Short statements.

Show the action.

Show some space.

I got it.

Niiice! Good examples!


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