Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Make A Feature In 3 Days?

Just a reminder...

Thursday May 27th at 7:30pm at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, the Los Angeles Premiere of POPATOPOLIS - a film I saw at the Raindance International Film Festival in London last year. The movie is being released on DVD, and this screening is a celebration...

POPATOPOLIS is a film that answers the question - can you make a feature film in 3 days with a crew of only 2, starring women with freakishly large breasts who may be too top heavy to stand? B movie director Jim Wynorski can... and this doc chronicles every crazy minute.

Here is a link to my review from London - POPATOPOLIS.

If you are in Los Angeles and like sleazy low-end Z movies, come on down and see this documentary on how they are made!


Over 45 minutes of adverts... at $900,000 per 30 second spot = over $81,000,000.00 for the final episode.

- Bill


TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: Writing For Toys - and the video game for THE GODFATHER PART 2.
Dinner: City Wok - Gai Bowl.
Bicycle: Short!
Pages: um, none. Totally screwed up day.


Tami said...

I just wanted to say that our film Action!!! was made in 3 days, with just a little over 3 weeks of pre-production. We had a cast and crew of over 80! Craziness I tell ya, but much fun was had by all. :)

Courtney said...

Hi Bill, I stumbled upon your blog--today actually while sitting in my Film Writing class. I think your writing is humorous, honest, and helpful. I'm a graduating senior from college, and recently pitched my first script to Goldwynn productions. I'll be moving to LA this fall to pursue the whole she-bang--writing, blogging, filmmaking, and modeling (that's where I can actually get my money). Any hints or words of wisdom? Hope so.

I'm also working on a blog myself--new media style-ish: www.365faces365days.com

Hope to hear from you soon--Courtney

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