Thursday, May 06, 2010

Friday's Secret Message...

The Hitchcock entry is running a little behind, should be up later today, but to tide you over I am posting this...

I will be teaching a workshop in less than a month at the...

The Screenwriting Conference in Santa Fe (SCSFe)

I think there are still a couple of seats open. This is the best run event I've ever done classes at - and the whole thing is designed for maximum interaction. The workshops are kept small on purpose so there is more individual attention, and the event includes some great activities where teachers and students are sitting together. In the past all meals were taken together - no VIP dining room - and there was a BBQ at a film studio where we all sat together at picnic tables. There are people from the event who have become my friends.

The other thing that is great about the Screenwriting Conference in Santa Fe are the instructors - every time I'm there I want to skip my own class and sit in on one of the Oscar winners or nominees or just big name writers doing a class there. The theory seems to be skip the gurus and find professional screenwriters who can teach.

So, that's where I will be the first few days on next month:
June 1st - June 6th.

For more info:
The Screenwriting Conference in Santa Fe (SCSFe)

And the Secret Message? Here:

- Bill


TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: Planned Unpredictability - and SEVEN MEN FROM NOW.
Dinner: A can of generic food.
Bicycle: Short ride up to NoHo.

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