Monday, May 03, 2010

I've Gone To Hell!

*Blog only* word count for last week: just over 8,000 (half of that was Friday's Hitchcock entry).

In standard pages = over 32 pages.

Number of weeks of similar word count before I'd have a standard book = 7.5 weeks.

So, if I put the same amount of effort into writing a book, I'd have one in 2 months.

Or a screenplay in (under) 3 weeks.

I also did a tretament for my assignment last week and all kinds of other writing.

Must change priorities!

Time to get back to working on the spec...

Sometime last year I started writing this semi-new spec script called 2ND SON, and it kept getting swept aside by other projects. A few times it was swept aside by other specs (which I finished), a couple of times swept aside by assignments... and sometimes I would try to jump back into the script only to have forgotten what the danged thing was supposed to be about.

But over the weekend I placed nose to grindstone and forced myself back into the story... and made some actual progress. The story has now gone to hell... in a good way. I am 15-20 pages from the end, and most of that will take place in Hell. My current problem (which will be fun, so maybe it isn't a problem) is to figure out what sort of hell this will be - the things that make the hell in this script unique. A lot of that will be a play on what is expected in Hell - okay, a 3 headed dog, but what kind of dog? Hey, what if "dog" is "dawg"? All of those decisions - and the first half of today will be designing my own version of Hell - then the second half will be having my characters deal with it.

So, after last week's wall-to-wall blog entries, this week may be a little lighter.

Or not.

I may feel the urge to avoid writing one thing by writing a blog entry.

- Bill

TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: Emotion Pictures - it was the very first Script Tip in 1998.
Dinner: Grand Slam with whole wheat pancakes and turkey bacon.
Bicycle: Yeah - medium rides in NoHo.
Pages: 5 pages yesterday... Yeeees!

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Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd ever say this to you, Bill, but -- go to hell! haha

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