Friday, January 15, 2010

Did James Cameron write AVATAR?

Here's a swell article from the LA Times about screenwriting credits...

Who Really Wrote AVATAR?

- Bill


The White Wolf said...

Ooooh. The Reitman story sounds especially scandalous.

But the Cameron one sounds like the way he would go about it: He writes one of his famous scriptments and gets a mentee to bang it out, making the required adjustments as Mr. Cameron deems fit.

I mean like, as if James Cameron has the time to write a WHOLE screenplay. He's too busy metamorphosing and shit.

James said...

"is listed simply as an executive producer — a minor credit even by producing standards"

That's a bold claim. lol

Anonymous said...

I wondered why Sheldon was hanging back from the podium. He is a great writer, read a lot of his stuff

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