Friday, April 10, 2009

Book 'Em Danno!

A couple of days ago I was poking around on the rewrite of the action book - I'm making progress, but it's slow. I have so many things going on that the book projects keep getting pushed aside. Yesterday's blog entry mentioned the story board panel I used as a cover illustration, and yesterday someone posted on my website messageboards that a copy had popped up on e-bay:


And I thought, I should put up an image of my book on that blog entry so that you can *see* the storyboard panel I was talking about. But, not that ratty e-bay image. So I went to Amazon... where there are three people selling copies of my book for over $100!

Pisser is - I don't make a cent on any of these re-sales! It's like selling your 68 Mustang to somebody when it was just an old used car... and years later you discover the person you sold it to has now sold it to a collector for $50,000. Dang! Should have held onto it!


Even that e-bay copy is selling for more than the cover price, and it's actually kind of a deal (even though it's in crappy condition) because the *words* are all still there. I own a whole bunch of used books, some have since fallen apart and are held together by rubber bands, but I can still read the words. Many of my Parker novels are screwed up - I bought them used, and instead of preserving them so that I could sell them to some collector, I read and reread them until the binding wore out and the glue keeping the pages in place failed. Rubber bands to the rescue!

I have books I bought in high school, in junior high... and probably some I bought in the 6th grade. What's the oldest book you own?

- Bill

PS: Check out this Great Screenwriting Job!


dkbrklyn said...

100 bucks. Yeah, right. Like somebody would actually let that happen. OK, maybe if they were terminal, and they stopped by Kinko's first.

Somebody can have my copy if they're still alive after trying and can pry the safe deposit key from my nuked mimetic polyalloy fingers.


Dave said...

I own the copy for sale on eBay. Thanks for the publicity, but the condition is better than it's been depicted. Also, the ring binding is a substantial improvement over the original binding. The pages turn easy -- with no need to crease them to hold the book open. But the value lies in its content rather than its collectability. It's not a signed first draft of A Tale of Two Cities with a silk frontispiece and end papers.

Anonymous said...

I will never part with mine, even though you autographed it to my wife instead of me (my fault because I used her Paypal account ha) so one day I will have it in my trunk and bump into you and get a second John Henry on it... and speaking of, any plans to do your course up Boston way?

Googs said...

Great blog, and I checked out that job posting, thank you... but, um, well... Diamond Pictures DOES do film, but I would be wary of googling their company at work or in front of children. A job's a job, right?

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