Friday, June 24, 2011

Mondays With Hitchcock... on TCM

Thanks to Richard for mentioning that TCM is showing 5 Hitchcock films from the 1950s on Monday June 27th. Here's the line up, along with links to the Fridays With Hitchcock blog entries and the screenwriting lessons:

STAGE FRIGHT - 08:00 PM - Flashbacks The Lie, Not My Problem (wrong protag).

I CONFESS - 10:00 PM - Character & Story Flow, Chess Dialogue, Misunderstandings, String Theory.

DIAL M FOR MURDER - 12:00 AM - Focus Objects, Suspense Triggers, Unlikeable Leads.

THE WRONG MAN - 02:00 AM - Passive Protagonists, Verite, Faith On Film.

STRANGERS ON A TRAIN - 04:00 AM - Transference Of Guilt, Sound Triggers, Suspense.

- Bill

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