Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do It Yourself!

My article in the current issue of Script Magazine is about my project to make my own film for pocket change later this year. We've come to a point where you really can make your own movie or TV series for an affordable amount of money... and I'm going to do that, and maybe crash and burn and look like an idiot.

My friend Carlos, who took my big 2 day class the first time I did it in the USA has been writing screenplays over the years and decided to make his own web series. He has shot his first two episodes and posted them... and one of his actresses was nominated for an award for her work in the series!

Here's a link to the show: LAS TUNDAS OF THE VALLEY. Check it out!

This ties in to yesterday's blog entry about the Get Off Your Ass And Do Something pill - Carlos took that pill and now has a webseries.

- Bill


JabberWocky said...

Going to do Gator Boy, Bill?

Las Tundas said...

The pill has addictive powers. Watch out or you will be trapped under its spell. I for one am glad I took the pill -- hook, line and sinker.



Thanks for the shout out, Bill.

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