Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Class Movie Suggestions

For the first time in about 5 years I'm doing my class in the USA (Los Angeles) and will use my new "Thematic" method to break down 5 films in the class - I have selected 3 films, but need 2 more.

What I am looking for are recent popular films (made within the past 10 years) that I can use as examples of theme. What are your suggestions?

- Bill

SCRIPT SECRETS: THE BIG IDEA is an INTENSIVE two day course - screenwriting stripped of the theoretical nonsense! This is the "classic class" - starting with finding an amazing idea - the kind that makes producers salivate! Then we'll go step-by-step from blank page to the big screen and show you how to create great characters from that idea, plus solid techniques to improve your dialogue, create lean-mean-evocative description, flesh out your story and improve screenwriting abilities! Plus a section on selling your script!

April 16 & 17, 2011
Burbank Airport Marriott - Producer's Room.

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- Bill


TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: Emotional Openings and those NARNIA movies.
Dinner: Leftover Chinese food.
Pages: Poked around on a spec when I should have been working on this rewrite (assignment).
Bicycle: New bike, not much riding. Weather is the major reason - it's cold, has been rainy, and I had a cross-town meeting. Hard to get back on the bike when you are freezing.


mmmtravis said...

The Social Network, ftw.

JabberWocky said...

The Verdict

JabberWocky said...

Or Shawshank, which they probably all seen.

wcmartell said...

*Recent* - There are probably people reading this who were not born when SHAWSHANK was made!

One of the films I have is THE MATRIX - which is getting a little long in the tooth. So how about movies within the past 10 years?

yyyyyyyyy said...

A recent movie that illustrates theme well is Hurt Locker, but with a caveat. It fails to illustrate it in ways that are good from a structural viewpoint. That is, our heroes value that war is a drug is only confirmed; the movie doesn't challenge us or the hero too much. He starts out a gonzo nutzoid high on risk taking and nothing that happens dissuades him from being that in the end. Not a tragedy or comedy but rather a slice of life, and death. This is different from say, the Wrestler, where the problem is understood by the hero and he attempts to change his life and fails. The Wrestler is a standard tragedy and is the better movie.

Sam T. said...


Richard J. McKenzie said...

How about a documentary?

For someone such as I, a doc would be a simple and clear-cut example of a 'theme' movie (Theme 101, so to speak).

INSIDE JOB - ("the systemic corruption of the United States").

Emily Blake said...

Not sure how many people saw it, but Book of Eli is all about faith.

Martin_B said...

Up In The Air was a brilliant movie. The Reitman script is excellent (haven't read the other one).

I'd say the theme is: what's important in your life and what will you sacrifice to get it?

Another good movie on the same theme: The Pursuit Of Happyness. (Haven't read the script of this.)

Keith said...

The Dark Knight

Atlanta said...

Maybe Taken, if you count as theme that Bryan is all about personal involvement, in his effort to be a real father to his daughter.

Atlanta said...

How about Red, some folks quibbled re how adapted, and the movie, I thought script was a whole lot of fun, and can't wait to see (arrived today!), themes were roses require precise care, love is grand, and retirement sucks. Re retirement theme, Toy Story 3 also possibility.

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