Wednesday, October 28, 2009

London Interlude 5: This Is Great Cinematography!

I mentioned in my review of MOTHS that it was the best shot film I saw at Raindance, and just stumbled on the trailer on YouTube.

The cinematographer is Maura Morales Bergmann - when I first posted this, and first posted the review, I neglected to give her credit. I included this film in an article for the January 2010 issue of Script Magazine, and *did* credit her in the article.

(I'm running this again, because I did not finish the next "chapter" and need something to run today.)

- Bill


Sam Lobashev said...

Hmm... That looks like fun.

I just thought, the last twist of the trailer comes a little too late, doesn't it? If it's a movie about them getting in trouble in Paris, it shouldn't look like a comedy, where they're having a lot of fun in Paris. So, I'd probably put more of "the dark side" in the trailer...

Unknown said...

Hi Sam,
Two middle aged petty criminals
planning a fun filled life in Paris as seen on the internet,on their ill gotten gains .........they have not been to Paris and they will never go to Paris.They are failures with big dreams , it all ends very badly.I understand it was made on a shoestring however the quality was very very good. Shot in Bari Southern Italy, a place not known for its beauty, something you would never have guessed from the superb shots of Bari. Hope you get to see it in the US sometime.

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