Saturday, October 10, 2009

London Interlude 3

My hotel room has maid service every day... but I am one man with 2 towels, and do not need maid service every day. I am used to the hotels in the USA which now have an environmental thing going on where you can save pointless laundry by using the same sheets and towels for a few days. I don’t need fresh sheets every day, and I only need fresh towels every other day. I ask how to handle this at the front desk and they tell me to use the Do Not Disturb door card to keep the maids from automatically replacing unused towels and changing the sheets... but this results in a letter from the head maid telling me that if I need fresh sheets I can call this extension on my phone and they will change my sheets... How many trees am I killing to prevent wasting unused towels?

- Bill


Grant said...

I used to travel like crazy for work. Felt the same way. Many places have a policy of leaving the note, or even worse, calling you and leaving a message, if you have the Do Not Disturb sign up. How is that not disturbing?

I imagine they got too many complaints when someone switched from "Do Not Disturb" to "Please Service" at 4:55, and then called the head office complaining that their bed didn't get made. I can totally see an a-hole suit yelling "Do you know who I am?" on the phone over and over.

Emily Blake said...

Dammit, when will those selfish Europeans ever learn to care as much about the environment as we do in America?

And what's with the crappy thin pillows, while we're at it?

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