Sunday, October 11, 2009

London Interlude 4

One of the odd battles I fight every time in I’m in London is about milk. If you order a coffee it automatically comes with milk. You must *stress* that you want “Coffee Black” and even then they will give you a strange look as if you have just ordered a chicken dinner with the head still on the chicken. In the Starbucks here there are no coffee drinks without milk. None. They have just begun drip coffee (before everything was espresso based) and you must stress that you want it black or they will just put milk in it automatically. There are no iced coffee drinks where which do not have milk - none. I usually drink iced coffee, and this has been a major issue in every Starbucks. They ask how you can drink iced coffee without milk? I don’t really know how to answer that. In one Starbucks I said that in America we stop drinking milk when we start drinking beer... and they looked at me as if I were an alien... and then told me this could not be true. At another Starbucks they insisted that all Americans drink whole milk every day. You also get milk in your tea, here - I was at a restaurant a couple of days ago that *only* served iced tea with milk in it. In fact - you can not get iced tea in Starbucks. It is not on the menu at all. If it was, I’m sure it would *only* come with milk in it.

I get my vitamin D from the sun, I don’t need to drink milk.

- Bill


Anonymous said...

I'm a black man myself -- coffee that is

rob said...

Ask for an Americano next time. It comes black but they might offer you milk. You should be ok then.


rorybaldwin said...

milk is good for you!

but milk in iced tea sounds wrong.unksn

Anonymous said...

Explain that you're a vegan. (Seriously. They understand this in the U.K.) Just don't order anything else that's made with dairy while you're at Starbucks.

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