Monday, July 20, 2009

Today Man First Set Foot On The Moon

As I'm sure you have heard by now, the original NASA footage of man first setting for on the moon was taped over with episodes of SILVER SPOONS during Reagan administration cut backs. If they'd only had enough money to buy a new tape...

But, as I'm sure you have also heard, there were some other tapes of the first landing on the moon, and NASA has hired a bunch of Hollywood technical wizards to clean the footage up so that it fits today's HiDef broadcast standards.

Here is that original footage of the first lunar explorers - cleaned up by Hollywood. Some of this is never before seen footage, hidden in a top secret NASA vault until it was released under the Freedom Of Information Act. As you can see, the Hollywood tech guys have restored this historical event to it's natural state...

Today is also my birthday... partially ruined when I was a kid because everyone was more interested in the danged moon landing. Damn you NASA! You ruined my young life! Couldn't you have done it a day later and ruined some other kid's birthday?

Anyway - what is the proper way to celebrate Moon Day?

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- Bill


TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: 3 Act Conflict and Tools Not Rules.
Yesterday’s Dinner: Dude, I'm in Vegas - you stand in line for an hour at the Rio so that you can spend the next two hours eating more than you can eat. They need monitors who come by your table and tell you and your friends, "I'm sorry, that's all you can eat." (But, it's wafer thin...)


Emily Blake said...

NASA should compensate you by flying you to the moon free of charge. It's only fair.

Happy birthday!

Grant said...

Happy Birthday.

(According to artfulwriter, you're ten years old today.)

Andrew Bellware said...

Today is the best day for a birthday. It's far enough away from Christmas and it's the day man walked on the freakin' MOON!

Happy Birthday from another birthday-on-the-moon fellow. ;-)

Iain Gibson said...

At least Neil Armstrong should be able to remember your birthday.

Have a good one.

Lembit said...

Happy birthday!

Greetings from Estonia, Europe!

E.C. Henry said...

I'll second Emily's suggestion: to the moon free of charge. It's the only way to be fair after the way they upstaged you.

Happy birthday!

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

The Moviequill said...

One small step for man and... holy shnike, boobies!!!!

Pete Bauer said...

Happy birthday! What's more amazing, landing on the moon or coming out of the womb??? :)

LindaM said...

Happy belated birthday! Did Las Vegas recover?

Bad Ass Qouets said...

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