Thursday, July 02, 2009

Blue Book Black Out In 2 Weeks!

I am going on vacation.

July is my birthday month. Ages ago when they had the Las Vegas Screenwriting conference in July, I would hang around in Vegas another week to celebrate my birthday. Hey, the Conference was paying for my plane ticket or gasoline & mileage. Sometimes friends would stop by for a weekend, sometimes I’d have a girlfriend who join me, sometimes it would just be me in Vegas. When the Screenwriting Conference self destructed, VSDA kind of took its place - I’d attend the event with some friends, and I had other friends who work for studios and would be there working. We’d grab dinners together and hang out in Vegas, and when the event was over I’d stick around for my birthday. Sometimes I’d be in Vegas for a little over a week after the event, and I’d do exactly what I do when I’m home in Studio City - find someplace and write all day. Big difference was - when I clocked out after finishing my pages, I was in Vegas, baby!

Last year, no VSDA... they haven’t only changed their name, they’ve stopped the expensive party in Vegas every July! I wasn’t in Vegas last year to miss it, because I thought I’d be spending my birthday month in Hawaii while they shot my movie... only that never happened. So last year? No vacation. Okay, I went back to the East Bay for Christmas and hung out with some friends, but that’s the holidays... my parents have some chores waiting for me. Last year I *did* spend my birthday with a bunch of friends, we had dinner and saw DARK KNIGHT... on opening night.

But this year - I’m going to Vegas! For 2 weeks - much of that is going to be work with a change of venue, with a few days of celebration when some friend zip over for the weekend. But here’s the thing - I also have a high school reunion in mid-August and some other family things. Though I’ll be back in Studio City for about a week in between, I don’t want to spend any of that week standing in line at the post office... and I don’t want to lug a bunch of Blue Books with me. The CDs are fairly portable, the booklets are heavy and bulky and I don’t want to drag them around with me.

So, no Blue Book orders will be processed after July 13.
They’ll be available again around August 24.
So order them now or order them later.

Blue Book Order Page.

"Bill Martell is one of Hollywood's best action-adventure writers, with 17 produced films and TV shows to his credit. His "little blue books" on the art of screenplay writing are legendary," Best Selling novelist Dale Brown ("Strike Force", "Flight Of The Old Dog").

- Bill


Racicot said...

Happy Birthday there Bill.

ObiDonWan said...

Yea, verily.

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