Monday, August 06, 2007

Writing In Starbucks

Yesterday’s Lunch: Some danged thing in Starbucks.
Movies: BOURNE ULTIMATUM... more on that later.
DVDs THE TIN STAR... more on that later.
Pages: 5 pages on SLEEPER! Made my quota. Some good stuff, made up jargon: "Snatch Point" - the best location to kidnap someone off the streets of a major city in broad daylight. When I Googled Snatch Point I discovered it was a soccer term.


James Patrick Joyce said...

Thanks for the smile, Bill.

annabel said...

That was funny!

david said...

A woman's soccer team?

MattDW said...

FYI - I'm reposting that clip all over the place w/ public thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your Blog, but I thought you oughta know Woody Allen already made "Sleeper"...:-)

Anonymous said...

You need to stop wasting your time with Snatch Points and start investing it in Snatching Pints! And while you're at it get behind my World Revolution at

wcmartell said...

But that Woody Allen guy probably didn't have this thing in his movie that gives you an orgasm just by holding it, did he?

- Bill

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