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Pitch Your Script In 5 Words

This challenge has been making the rounds, so here is a blog entry from *February of 2009* with the same challenge!

The greatest thread ever on the Done Deal website is getting close to 2,000 posts. It was started over a year ago by Quazworld with the simple title "Pitch your script in 5 words". Since then people have posted both serious 5 word pitches and completely silly joke 5 word pitches - but here's what is amazing: even the joke 5 word pitches are 5 word pitches that work! They're just for silly stories. So it's almost "tell a joke in 5 words" - which is also a major challenge. The jokes are all the worst movie ideas you could think of... but when you can make liquids spurt from my nose with only 5 words, you should be a writer.

Here was my post, the first day of the thread...

Pitch your script in 5 words:

Bomb ticking *inside* man.

(That's four)

Serial Killer's shadow stalks reporter.

Victim's kid reincarnation tracks killer.

Spy enters dreamworld, uncovers attack plan.

(Crap! Six.)

Innocent is assassin after CGI.

James Bond - amatuer detective's butler.

Ex-Quarterback vs. Drug Runners in Key West.

(I'm taking Key West as one word - I could sub Florida)

Time Travel Theives change past.

Girl's glue horse wins rodeo.

Four security cameras - Four killers?

Family reunion with half-gator cousin.

PS: Some of these scripts are on my website.


Okay, now it's your turn to pitch your story in 5 words in the comment section. Have fun!

- Bill

PS: Sorry I haven't been blogging as much, I've been trying to get caught up.


Anonymous said...

blogger channels satanic demon

Anonymous said...

You could make that "Time Thieves Change Past" as the travel is somewhat unneeded.

Pete Bauer said...

alien stapler impregnates three-hole-punch.

Richard McNally said...

Script Secrets reveal life's meaning.

James Patrick Joyce said...

I definitely remember reading your "half-gator cousin" script.

--Batman vs. vampires.

(that's 3 words, if you can pitch sequels)

--Zombie Temps: work for flesh.

Iain Gibson said...

First one is published:

Red Riding Hood eats woodcutter.

Al Capone's mob versus banshee.

London gangster Frankensteins fight dragon.

Trees take over the world.

Theseus and the minotaurS.

Bounty Hunters rescue skinwalkers' victims.

A boy and his robot.

Grant said...

A stranger comes to town.

Hitman/mobster/thief/smuggler takes one last job.

Crazy killer kills, gets killed.

Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Accused "snitch" won't be silenced.

Hot lesbian vampires!

The last two are real. I thought the last one was gold, but apparently I'm just a prevert.

And the best I can do on the sci-fi thriller I just finished up is "copulator turned fugitive meets smuggler" which doesn't paint the right picture (or make sense.) Dammit!

ObiDonWan said...

Quiet woman starts war

James Patrick Joyce said...

Angry nuns kick ass

The Dainty Dozen

Bizarro kiss superman's ass

James Patrick Joyce said...

Sex in a submarine

Rob Spalding said...

Critics reviewed - TO DEATH!

Nuclear Powered Squirrel, Gone Missing

Behind the door, Eternity awaits.

Zombies Vs Aliens Vs Robo-Sharks

Dead Detective Solves own Murder

Satan learns to surf

White House abducted by Aliens

Unorthodox said...
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Racicot said...

Killer car kills other cars

Undead Ninjas vs. Kung-fu Zombies

Palin: She Wolf of Alaska

Racicot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Racicot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James Patrick Joyce said...

"Killer car kills other cars"

They did that one.

Called it "Transformers".

Marty said...

Slaying Demon Suffering Bride Retold

MacDaffy said...

You're protecting her?!!!

The Not So Great Gatsby said...

Spy enters dreamworld, uncovers attack plan...

Isn't that six words?

Morgan McKinnon said...

NDE spent in Hell

James Patrick Joyce said...

"The Not So Great Gatsby"

(it just came to me)

Patrick Coyle said...

Women President with PMS - Help!
Blind stalker loses sight
Disgruntled worker fires the boss
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (oh wait…that ‘s already a movie)

Kirthy said...

Computer Gamer Solves Ancient Mystery
Five words script hit movie
Vampire likes blood with chillies
RoboPriest preaches Microsoft Religion
Samurai learns salsa dancing
Italian Chef pasta fashion designer

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