Thursday, November 05, 2015

Raindance Film Festival Awards 2015

Another thing that happened while I was doing the 13 Films Of Halloween was the Raindance Film Fest gave out their awards.

** denotes the winner in the category.

Best International Feature:
Fires On The Plain
**Alice In Marialand
Happy 140
That’s It
Echoes of War

Best British Feature:
**Kicking Off
Mile End
The Return
God’s Acre

Best Debut Feature:
Le Dep
Bob And The Trees
Racket Shelter
Out of My Hand

Best Documentary Feature:
Sila And The Gatekeepers Of The Arctic
Digital Dissidents
The Arms Drop
Broken Land

Best International Short
Winter Light
Chute Fighter
Shabu Shabu Spirit
Harry & Judy
A Hole In My Heart

Best UK Short
Into The Surf
Dating Eliza
The Earth Belongs To No-One
Just Desserts
Strange Weather

Best Animated Short
**Palm Rot
The Mechanical Waltz
The Alchemist’s Letter
Nowhere Line – Notes from Manus island
Last Day Of Freedom

Best Documentary Short
I Thought I Told You To Shut Up
Transmitting Thought: The Maimonides Dream Lab
The Champion
Rattle The Hocks
Rock’n’Roll Island
**Walking Through Havana

Feature Film of the Festival
All features in the festival are eligible. It is awarded to the film that best embodies the spirit of Raindance.
**Datuna: Portrait of America

Short Film of the Festival*
All shorts in the festival are eligible. The winner of the Short Film of the Festival award will be eligible for Oscar consideration.
** Winter Light

Special Jury Prize for a Short**
All shorts in the festival are eligible. The winner of the Special Jury Prize for a Short will be invited to pitch for next year’s festival trailer.
**The House Job

Best Music Video
All music videos in the festival are eligible.
**Stealing Sheep – Not Real

Congratulation to all of the winners!

- Bill

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