Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Original Black Swan

From 4 and a half years ago, when I saw BLACK SWAN...

BLACK SWAN is like BAD INFLUENCE meets REPULSION meets REPULSION again... and maybe a couple of more times... in the world of ballet.


I liked it. And not just because of the sex scene (why did Portman keep her bra on?) and not just because it has every nerd's wet dream woman in it - Winona, Natalie, Mila... and a nightmare version of Hershey for us old farts (hot in THE STUNTMAN, BOXCAR BERTHA, and THE ENTITY - but what happened to her face? Bad plastic surgery?)... but for that wacked out Polanski style stuff like the toe nails splitting in half, the hangnail from hell, the toes fused together, the goose flesh, and all of the rest of the madness. The strange thing about the film is that I was worried she would break her leg in many scenes - when that was never part of the story. The film just made me paranoid that bad things would happen for no reason. The movie got into my head! Under my skin!

As I left the cinema, I passed a guy who looked just like me... but dressed in white!

Here is the trailer for REPULSION for comparison...

- Bill

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