Saturday, March 14, 2015

Free Book! Vintage Screenwriting Book #1

I have a new book, and it's almost 100 years old.

Vintage Screenwriting Series #1: HOW TO WRITE PHOTOPLAYS by Anita Loos (#2 screenwriter in Hollywood when this was first published... in 1920!) is FREE until 3/18 (Wednesday).

There have been How To Screenwriting books as long as there have been movies. The earliest one I have is from 1911... and there were books before that. In 1913 there were at least 4 books on writing screenplays published! Movies didn't suddenly get worse: they got *better*. So I thought it would be fun to republish some of these old books as ebooks along with new material on the history of Hollywood and screenwriting at that time and a bio of the writer, plus a look at how these 1920 lessons apply to screenwriting today. When this book was published, half of all movies in Hollywood were written by women, so we look at women in Hollywood at the time... and find out *why* there were so many women in the film business back then.

You get the full text of the 1920 book, a complete screenplay by Miss Loos (one of her hits), and then a bunch of new articles (over a third of the book).

And it's free until 3/18. A thank you to those who have bought my books in the past. If you haven't bought one of my books yet, it's still free (but, come on! This of this as a Buy One, Get One Free. If you've already bought some of my books, just grab this one. If you haven't, grab this one for free and buy one of the others.)

This is the first in a new series, and I hope to republish 2 or 3 of these vintage screenwriting books (with new articles) every year. I have about two dozen on my hard drive right now, and I'm searching for more. My (longterm) project is to take my couple dozen vintage books and clean up the "scannos" like "IT'S SEVEB O'CLOCS. YOD KOSTS'T WASTE THE GOLDEN H0TO3. •" and "eaoBonju'3 Bsdbooh. runt Ih). Close To or Ceobsiaha" and "DCHE 18 HOLES THIS KOEBIBO, 1ET" (all on the same page of HOW TO WRITE PHOTOPLAYS) and clean up anything else, then add a handful of historical articles (about half the length of the original book) to each and republish them as ebooks for free... though Amazon only allows five days of free per quarter, but I'll make sure everyone knows when those five days are so they don't have to pay.

I was looking for a "give away book" to thank everyone who bought my other books, but couldn't find time to write one. Then realized these vintage books would be a good fit for that. The first one has been fun to do research on. Eventually I will have enough so that when one five day free runs out another will begin. There will *always* be a free book. Of course, that's a lot of work from now!

And, like all of my other ebooks, NO KINDLE REQUIRED! Get the *free* app (any device, except your Mr. Coffee) on the order page on Amazon!

Click the book cover for more info!

Also... when I post a picture of one of my books next to some other book on FB, the other books all have hundreds of reviews... and mine have fewer than fifty! As Popeye would say: It’s embarrrasking! And someone said the other day that books with more than fifty (and then more than 100 reviews) get bumped onto the You May Like section, which helps keep the book in front of people.

Telling people about the books on social media helps inform people that the books exist without me doing my daily sledge hammer posts about where the books are in the rankings. This is about *all* of the books, so if the STORY Blue Book is your favorite... tell people!

Thank you to all who help me!

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