Thursday, January 09, 2014

Lancelot Link: Linked To Kill!

Lancelot Link Thursday! People's Choice Awards are over, and SHARKNADO was snubbed! What are you thinking America? Here are this week's New Year's links to some great screenwriting and film articles, plus some fun stuff that may be of interest to you. Brought to you by that suave and sophisticated secret agent...

Here are a baker's dozen links plus this week's car chase...

1) Year In Review: Spec Market Heats Up! Why?

2) Writing A Screenplay Is Easy!

3) The Neuro Science Of Cinema... your brain likes movies.

4) How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood... and became successful.

5) Breaking In To Hollywood Is Easy!

6) Highest Grossing Movie Franchises... A Graph.

7) Movies That Never Got Made... and never will be made.

8) Eli Roth's 10 Rules Of Filmmaking.

9) Abel Ferrara (MS. 45) On Artistic Freedom And Indie Filmmaking.

10) Boba Fett Will Be Played By Ben Affleck.

And this week's car chase...

Because you probably need a laugh.


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