Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Free Book Day!

On Wednesday the 15th I’m doing a *free* promotion of the Supporting Characters Blue Book - sorry to those of you who just bought it. Even though I did a bunch of work expanding it and like how it turned out... it’s not a big seller. I would like to change that, and I need your help.

First: Please tell every writer you know that the book is free on Wednesday. Just go to Amazon and you’ll see the price is $0.00 and click on it. They don’t need a Kindle device - all you need to do is download the *free* program. You can read the book on your computer, tablet, even phone.

Second: After you (and your friends) (and total strangers you may send this info to) read the book, please write a review on Amazon. That’s the deal - get the book for free, write a review on Amazon. I’m not saying you have to write a *good* review, I want you to be HONEST. But write a review.


Here’s the thing - Supporting Characters has *three* reviews total. SAVE THE CAT has *420* reviews as I write this. I need more reviews on all of my books! People e-mail me how much they liked the book, and I thank you all for that, but reviews on Amazon help people make up their minds if they want to buy the book or not.

Third: I think one reason why people don’t write reviews on Amazon is that they don’t know what to say. So here are some suggestions:

A) The Blue Books sell for $2.99, and the average screenwriting book at that price has 60-72 pages... the Blue Books all have 150-210 pages. Supporting Characters is 164 pages. So, even if you got it for free, was it worth the retail price? Was it a good value?

B) What was your favorite part or tool from the book? Explain why.

C) What did you learn from the book? List the things and maybe explain them a little.

D) Were there tools and techniques in the book that you have never read anywhere else?

E) Were there a good variety of examples, and what examples were most helpful?

F) Was the book a pleasant read, or was it boring or dry or too academic?

G) Would you recommend this book to other Screenwriters? How about Novelists?

One of the problems is that Amazon requires a certain number of words for a review, and some people would rather just click the “like” button because they don’t know what to say. Hopefully those will give you someplace to start.

If you bought the other books, please take a minute or two to go to Amazon and write a review. It’s strange to have books with only 3 or 4 reviews that are in the Top 20 sales! I’m not a big company with a marketing budget and adverts in magazines and newspapers - it’s just me. I want to keep the price low - Act Two Blue Book is (at least) 209 pages for only $2.99 - but that means *you* are my advertising team. Next up is the Story Blue Book, and I think it’ll be over 209 pages... that’s a lot of research and writing! Please help me with this, and I’ll keep the Blue Books (and others) coming.

Thank you.

Wednesday the 15th, go here for a free book: Supporting Characters Blue Book.

To write reviews for other books:







- Bill

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