Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lancelot Link: Battle For The Planet Of The Links!

Lancelot Link Thursday! Summer is over... and now on to those artsie films of fall! Here are this week's links to some great screenwriting and film articles, plus some fun stuff that may be of interest to you. Brought to you by that suave and sophisticated secret agent...

Here are eight cool links plus this week's car chase...

1) The 10 Most Inventive Shots In Film History.

2) Will the studio like my screenplay idea?

3) Ben Affleck on ARGO.

4) Celebrity Mugshots... from the Roaring 20s!

5) Amazon Studio's First Movie?

6) How a movie that made $450 million can be in the red!

7) What if Ebert's review isn't good?

8) Not many tickets sold last weekened.

This week's car chase is in black & white...


- Bill

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