Sunday, August 14, 2011

Number 3!

Here is the Amazon Top 10 Screenwriting List for Kindle - 8/13/11:

Also #3 today (8/14) but the top two have traded places.
Thought for sure it would be #63 by now.



*** YOUR IDEA MACHINE *** - For Kindle!

*** YOUR IDEA MACHINE *** - For Nook!

Expanded version with more ways to find great ideas! Print version is 48 pages, Kindle version is around 155 pages!

Only $2.99 - and no postage!

Wait... There's more!




*** CREATING STRONG PROTAGONISTS *** - For Nook! (coming soon)

Expanded version with more ways to create interesting protagonists! Print version is 48 pages, Kindle version is once again around 155 pages!

Only $2.99 - and no postage!

Next up will either be Dialogue (#10) (which needs me to write 3 new articles) or one of the others that requires less work.

- Bill


Leif said...

Does this inspire to turn some of your unsold screenplays into novels for publishing onto eReaders?

Tom Chandler said...

How are you doing in the Barnes & Noble space?

I read "Idea Machine" and found it interesting (I don't write screenplays) -- probably useful for all the beginning copywriters out there who think inspiration comes from keyword research.

wcmartell said...

B&N sales suck. I have no idea why. Maybe I need to work at that more.

Yes - some unsold screenplays will be novelized. A way to get those stories out there. I also have some old novels I wrote in my 20s that I'll get scanned and cleaned up and up on Kindle. Why not?

wcmartell said...

Number 3 and number 5 today (monday). I think I'm not going to put any more up until I get the Action Book finished.

Sam T. said...

Is there any chance to get these in PDF format for those of us who use computer a lot and do not have these proprietary readers?

Tom Chandler said...

Amazon and B&N both offer free (but still prorietary) software for Mac and Windoze machines (I use Linux, no love for people like me).

As for Kindle vs Nook, I understand B&N Nooks outsold Kindles for the last couple months (mostly on the strength of the color Nook). Wondered at the impact of the Nook on sales. Doesn't sound like much yet.

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