Sunday, August 01, 2010

Under The Mountain... on DVD

My friend Jonathan King made the brilliant film BLACK SHEEP about killer sheep attacking in New Zealand - kind of like JAWS-with-wool. If you haven't seen that movie, it is funny... and scary... and manages to tell a dramatic story about two brothers who have taken very different paths in life. Three very different things - and it does them all well.

His new movie is about to be released on DVD in the USA on August 10th, and it's an epic scary adventure for young people, based on the classic kid's novel UNDER THE MOUNTAIN. The film stars some kids and Sam Neill (before his first day on set, Jonathan posted a list of all of the directors Neill has worked with on a private message board we belong to - Spielberg was one of the minor names on the list). The film was selected by some Film Festivals: Toronto, Seattle, Hawaii, others - so it's good *and* scary! Lions Gate picked it up for USA, Disney took it for much of the rest of the world.

I've ordered it through Amazon (click the DVD box for info), and it'll be available from NetFlix and in those old fashioned video stores like Blockbuster.

And BLACK SHEEP is still out there, and a lot of fun. It has great quotable dialogue ("Those fish died free!") and at least one scene that will give every male viewer nightmares about what might happen to their private parts if angry sheep get a hold of them. Yikes!

- Bill


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The Motorcycle Boy said...

Black Sheep really was a gem.

I wonder if Jonathan asked Sam Neill about the weirdness of POSSESSION?

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