Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DARK HOUSE comes out July 30th.

I love it when my friends are successful! I want all of my friends, and all of you reading this, to become rich and famous... so that I can borrow a $20 from you some time way in the future when I pushing a shopping cart filled with screenplays down Hollywood Blvd.

My friend Darin who is already a successful screenwriter and producer (he wrote TALES FROM THE HOOD and some other films, produced many of Rusty Cundiff's early films, and wrote and directed a cool crime film called CAUGHT UP) has a new movie coming out on July 30th - a horror movie called DARK HOUSE about a high tech Halloween haunted house tour... that is really haunted. Here's the trailer:

Now, the cool thing about this film coming to a theater near you on July 30th is... that it's theatrical release was the result of a horror movie contest put on by Fangoria Magazine - the winning film gets a theatrical release. There were a bunch of films in the contest, and Darin's film won.

So, if you're looking for a scary movie, check it out!

- Bill

TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: Busload Of Scripts - if you plan on writing one script and then selling it for $1.2m, think again!
Dinner: LACMA Cafe - BLT wrap... which was pretty good.
Bicycle: Not today.
Pages: 3 pages instead of 5 again... but I'll be okay.
Movies: INCEPTION on Saturday, SALT on Monday - reviews of each coming up!


Hold Me Matt said...

Yep, looks super-cool. I voted 4 it (was a real standout) in the Fango contest - gave it a 5 out of 5.

Best success, and look forward to seeing it at the cinema.

Great concept.

Harlan said...

Is that Jeffrey Combs there? Awesome!

wcmartell said...

Jeffrey Combs playing an egotistical actor.

Hold Me Matt said...

Went to see Mr. Combs' play NEVERMORE this past weekend.

He goes nuts.

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