Friday, March 26, 2010

NOTORIOUS... is coming soon!

Got a bit behind, but it will probably go up sometimes today.

NOTORIOUS - Ben Hecht - a heartbreaker of a thriller about a shy CIA agent (Cary Grant) whose job is to train a party girl (Ingrid Bergman) to infultrate a group of Nazis in South America... and falls in love with her in the process. Only he's too shy to say so. Nice story if it ends there, but the mission is for her to sleep with one of the Nazis (Claude Raines) and discover what they're up to. Grant is sure she'll refuse, Bergman is sure he'll stop her - neither does anything and she's screwing a Nazi for the CIA. They end up hating each other... then the Nazis find out she's an agent, and try to kill her. Will Grant realize what's happening and save her? Does he *want* to save her after she's been doing it with a Nazi every night? Romantic, heart breaking, and it's a Hitchcock suspense film.

- Bill


Richard J. McKenzie said...

Bill, Bill, Bill (sigh)

"she's screwing a Nazi for the CIA"

Notorious, 1946.
The CIA started in 1947.

Cary's more likely to be OSS or FBI (I don't recall anyone in the film actually naming the US spy org.)

Did you hear about the centipede who finished last in the high jump?
He could only get 2 feet off the ground.

My uncle Igor was a successful grave robber. It was easy to tell. His generosity was always a dead give-away.

Just a couple chuckles for this Friday.

wcmartell said...

It's OSS - and I know when the CIA began, but didn't want to spend a lot of time on this history of USA espionage when it really has nothing to do with the story. This actually gets mentioned in the actual NOTORIOUS entry - which I'm still working on.

Richard J. McKenzie said...

Thanks for the kind reply.

(I'll drive up to LA and buy you lunch someday for putting up with me*).
Feel free to erase comment (as unnecessary).

I got writer's block as I was starting my autobiographical opera. I was getting frustrated and angry, but I managed to compose myself.

Energetic garbagemen can waste the whole day.

* I promise to wear my wildest headgear.

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