Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Sale

Just In Time For The Holidays!

Best Prices Ever on Class Audio CDs ($8) and other select items - prices will never be this low again (Okay, maybe *next* Black Friday)! The prices good ONLY November 27, 28, 29 & 30... Sale ENDS November 30th ("Cyber Monday") at midnight.

For those of you who don't know - Black Friday is our American shopping holiday. Day after Thanksgiving, when all of the Christmas sales begin... usually at 4am. People actually camp out in front of the stores days in advance to be the first ones inside to get the best deals before the store runs out of merchandise. Last year, someone was trampled to death trying to get a sale item. It's festive! Why do they call it Black Friday? A retail store in the red can get back in the black in one day. Not wanting to be left out of the festivities, I figured I'd slash some prices for 3 days. No need to camp out in front of the store or get up at 4.


And because it's Friday, here is Jonathan Coe on SABOTAGE:

And I hope that next Friday there will be an actual Fridays With Hitchcock entry!

Now I am going to go see what DVDs are on sale...

- Bill


wcmartell said...

Moviequill - somehow I managed to delete your comment by accident.

This deal was listed in the trades at the time as being $8m once all of the various elements kicked in. Richard Gere was one of them, I believe. Your numbers got it up to almost $6m, which would still make it the record. Of course, they never made the movie, so none of it is real. Point is - they got paid a crap load of money and then wrote a film that stinks.

The White Wolf said...

Hey Bill, can you confirm if you shipped the Horror CD to me in Montreal? I used my GF's Paypal; her name is T. Forget.

I always get the Black Friday low-down from my mom who lives in the Big City in Montana -- population 35,000. Big enough for a Wal-mart!

wcmartell said...

Okay - I sent a horror CD to "Wolf & Rabbit" in QB - but I'm not near my records right now and I can not tell you what day it shipped. Might have been as late as Monday or Wednesday. If it doesn't come in the next couple of days, e-mail me and I'll re-ship.

The White Wolf said...

Yep, that's us... I would expect it to take about a week to get here. No need to re-ship.

Thanks Bill.

Dave said...

Is there much difference between your OOP book, Blue Books and the Naked Screenwriting CD course? I have the former, but is there additional material in the latter?

wcmartell said...

Blue books and Naked Screenwriting CDs cover the same material (but with some different examples). Save your money, unless you like hearing me talk.

Dave said...

thx for the candor; I'll order your new cds once they become available.

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