Friday, October 17, 2008

Those Danged Arty French Films!

I had a meeting yesterday at Lionsgate and they had a massive cardboard stand up for TRANSPORTER 3... which is a French film. That's right, those wine sipping dudes in berets who smoke unfiltered cigarettes and eat snails with little forks make kick ass action films.

And here's a trailer for the next French film I'm probably going to be first in line to see (caution - subtitles):

The trailer looks better than that Jodie Foster movie. This sure ain't NELL.

- Bill


Christina said...

I'll see it too. Looks great.

I hated Nell, btw, one of the worst films I've ever seen. Only thing it could possibily be good for is material for SNL.

J Johnston Jacob said...

I'll admit that I was a bad boy and tell you that I've seen this movie already. And it's really, really good stuff.

It's straightforward and rough, Liam Neeson basically plays a brick with a heart of gold. And the phone conversation between him and his daughter just when the story is about to begin - one of the best action film moments ever.

Really, see it. It's worth it and I'll definitely buy the DVD.

Eleanor said...

The Taxi films (1 and 2 - there may be more?) kick bottom too!

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