Thursday, September 25, 2008

Investing In Screenplays

Okay, so the economy is going to hell, but films are doing just fine. Relativity (funding) is investing in Universal, the UAE is investing *$1 billion* in movies, and Disney is announcing all kinds of biog new movies - PIRATES 4, THE LONE RANGER (with Johnny Depp as Tonto) and NATIONAL TREASURE 3...

And what all three of these projects have in common is Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio - who have written or contributed to previous films in the series. Which makes them stars. Disney is investing in things they wrote.

That may have never clicked in your mind before, but a studio or producer doesn't buy our script - they *invest* in our scripts. They hope this investment will pay off in a hit (money making) movie. So part of our job is to create a sound investment.

Is your script a good investment?

- Bill

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