Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Accidental Movie Cameo

A couple of weeks ago I did an entry on my friend Danny’s short film CHILDREN OF SCUM: A RETROSPECTIVE that was playing at L.A.’s Mockfest. Even though I was cut out of SCUM, I planned on going to the screening just to lend my immoral support... but something happened and I missed it. Actually, I had a terrible day in 100' plus heat where I (like an idiot) cycled to a Starbucks I’ve only been in once before to work only to discover that their A/C was broken... and by the time I’d done a little work and cycled home, I was miserable and overheated and sunburned...

But even though I wasn’t there in SCUM and I wasn’t there in person, I *was* at Mockfest...

In another movie...

One I had no idea I was in...

Thanks to Danny for giving me the heads up about my cameo in DESPERATELY SEEKING PAUL McCARTNEY. They filmed me at a pitch clinic put on by Alameda Writers Group, where I was on the panel dispensing advice to people pitching their projects. I remember being on the panel, I have no memory of cameras in the room. But they had to be there, because I’m in the film telling this woman that the main problem with her doc about marrying Paul McCartney is that it requires Paul McCartney... and he may be difficult to get hold of.

When I tracked down the film, I found the trailer... and I’m in it! (Blink and you'll miss me - I guess in the film I have dialogue.)

Strange! Where will I turn up next? TMZ?

- Bill

Pages: Finished the rewrite, delivered it to the director.
Bicycle: Riding today - not really adding to my distance, but maintaining it.

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