Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In Today's News....


Starbucks coffee shops all over the United States are closed today from 5:30 to 8:30. Though the company denies rumors that the reason for the simultaneous store closings has anything to do with the secret society that owns the company, or their disciples (known as “baristas”), or the annual animal sacrifices that keep the chain growing at an alarming rate. It is believed that after this day of rituals and animal sacrifice, two hundred more Starbucks stores will be born. Nothing for us to worry about.

Picture: Starbucks leader addressing courtyard full of baristas.

- Bill


Anonymous said...

God forbid we should have to venture an extra block to Winchells or Dunkin Donuts of Tim Hortons or anywhere else that serves a better cup of coffee for reasonable prices

Anonymous said...

I've moved to Martha's Vineyard. No Starbucks here, but there is a great local coffee shop, Mocha Mott's, on the main street in Oak Bluffs. Individual service, made2order drinks, nice woody atmosphere. If you stay til lunchtime there's home made soups too. Good place to work. Plus real Vineyard characters all around to steal...er, learn from.

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