Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My book - only $321.22

Seriously. This is crazy.

Here's the link: Wish I Got A Cut!

- Bill


Anonymous said...

You don't have ANY spare copies lying around the house? You could put those up for sale...

I'm not sure if I should auction my copy or lock it in a safe!

(Don't you think it's time you republish this sucker?)

Anonymous said...

...and worth every penny!
I better hide my copy.

Leif said...

I have a signed copy! who knows how much that might be worth!

Laura Reyna said...


I got a copy but it's in storage. Every time someone mentions how valuable it is, I wanna run & check to see if it's still there & in one piece!

Bill, gotta ask...

What is the deal with the book? You don't plan on self-publishing anymore, right?

Have you tried taking it to someplace like Michael Wiese Prod to see if they're interested?


Seems like there's a fair amount of interest around the scribosphere, lots of good word-of-mouth.

Bill Cunningham said...

Or do the Lulu.com or createspace.com thing (avail thru amazon)and publish on demand.

wcmartell said...

I'm actually doing the revisions in December! Then it will probably go to a publisher, but I also looked at some printers for a 5k run. A publisher could probably get the places I haven't gotten to.

Meanwhile, someone sent me an e-mail today promising me the secret to lasting longer in bed. I opened it up right away... but not a single hint at how to sleep past noon!

- Bill

Ian said...

Bill, you should save a screencap of that page and, once the revisions are done, use that as part of your sales package that you send to publishers.

Yours is definitely the best nuts-and-bolts book out there, and the fact that it's hitting that price shows that people know it.

Anonymous said...

ian is right Bill!

I've been a student of your website for a bit...and I have what I believe is an outline for the making of a powerful little story.

And the more I read your script tips...the more compelling this story becomes.

I suppose everyone feels that way about their scripts.

I just happen to be right. Right just like ian.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who likes the fact that the price just went up on a stock I own?

Horde those secrets, people. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there.


Anonymous said...

"Horde those secrets, people. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there."

That really makes no CENTS!

wcmartell said...

Thanks! Great idea! Just did it... I have screen caps of the Amazon page at $199.95 and the other place.

- Bill

Lou said...

I had two copies. Sold one on ebay and kept the signed copy for myself. I'm actually in the middle of rereading it for the action/scifi novel we're writing and it applies to that, too. BTW, Hi Bill! From Lou and Bob out in the desert.

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