Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

The SoCal Film Group makes all kinds of short films... this one was made as part of a Halloween Contest put on by American Movie Classic channel, and they managed to be chosen as one of the winners. The movie was broadcast on TV as part of their Halloween special. I talked about it in my Expo horror class, because it puts the protag in a situation where he's very vulnerable, tnen adds horror.

Directed by Steve Nichols Smith
Written by Danny Grossman
Starring Steve Barr

- Bill


Lion Poet said...

umm... that was scary as shit.

Tom said...


Jim Endecott said...

That was good.


Richard McNally said...

Today's Script Secret, that one's protag is oneself and his problem one's own, and that, ironically, one can be more open and honest in discussing one's life when wearing a disguise than in writing straightforward autobiography, was illuminating, as was yesterday's, making the point that a truly dramatic choice for a character is one where both options suck. In view of the existence of ScriptSecrets.net, there is no justification for the existence of shitty screenplays. The California legislature should pass a law that all aspiring screenwriters are required to follow SS.net, or lose their right to go to the movies.

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