Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Heading To London

Here I am, in LAX, on my way to London and hoping that I have packed everything and taken care of everything. Every time I go out of town, there is about a week before when I'm just going crazy prepping. I have to put together the class workbook (this time, the London guys decided to change from Character First Class to Big Idea Class a couple of weeks ago - meaning I had to dig out that workbook and do some additions... then completely rebuild *my* book for the class). I have to go through the clip reel and refresh my memory of the class. I usually watch a couple of movies to add to the class. I have to creat that big ol' list of tips for while I'm gone. I have to answer any e-mail and ship any last minute orders (never fails - when I'm gone for several weeks and warn people to order now, they wait until the day before I hop the plane to order all kinds ofthings, and I spend the day before I leave in line at the post office! This time, I'm only gone for a week, so it's no big deal.) Plus, I have to pack and clean house and take care of any bills and do laundry and all of the normal travel stuff.

This time a couple of other things popped up - I went to a friend's July 4th Barbeque on Saturday and I had to send some scripts to producers who requested them. I also decided to send out 20 query letters - kind of stoking the fire while I'm gone. One of the scripts I sent out was the Guy Blows Up script - draft number nine million - to a manager who requested it a couple of months ago. Since then it's had a page one rewrite and two normal rewrites. I hope to return from London with something new going on.

People ask how long the flight is - I have a stop on the way, which adds time, but coming home is a direct flight... 15 hours and 41 minutes! A long time on a plane filled with crying babies.

Hey, they're calling my flight!

- Bill


_ram-jaane' said...

Don't suppose you're heading to the Cambridge Film Festival while in UK? I'm going Friday evening. Be interested in getting a Starbucks in London, if you're free? I'm about after half 4 ..

Spanish Prisoner said...

How can it be 15 hours for the flight back? When I fly directly from Switzerland to LA it takes around 12 hours.

wcmartell said...

Maybe we have to get out and push the plane? I don't know - that's what it's listed as. Travel to seems to be around 11 plus hours - plus all the time killed in the airport.

- Bill

English Dave said...

Always ready for a pint Bill! Ding me if you've time.

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