Thursday, July 26, 2007

Flash Mob #1

"Oh, these aren't my pants... I'm wearing someody else's pants... some stramger's pants... so the cocaine can't be mine, officer."

Speaking of Lindsay Lohan, every once in a while I catch the late night rerun of Entertainment Tonight... and it’s amazing how much that show has changed over the years. When it was first launched, it was a show about movies and TV. They took you behind the scenes on films and interviewed directors and stars and every once in a while (probably by accident) the writers. The show was kind of like the extras on a DVD.

Now, it’s all about celebrity. There will be more coverage of Paris Hilton who is famous... why? Than of whatever movies are in production or about to be released. And it’s not just Entertainment Tonight, it’s *everyplace*. Try watching CNN’s Entertainment Show - it’s never about movies, it’s never entertainment news, it’s all about celebrities.

When Premiere Magazine folded, they began sending me, I think, People Magazine. I tried reading it, and now I just throw them away.

When any business gets a letter from a client, they take it seriously... because it represents dozens of other people that didn’t take the time to write. So... do you want to screw around with People Magazine?

All you have to do is take the time to write a letter to the editor saying that you are tired of reading stories about David Beckham and his wife Victoria, stories about Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.... and would like to read more stories about the people who come up with the stories and dialogue for movies.... or more stories about modern poets... or more stories about (you favorite novelist). Use your own words, and whatever "celebrity" you never want to hear another word about. If you e-mail, it won’t cost you a cent.

Letters To The Editor: People
Time & Life Building
Rockefeller Center
New York, NY 10020

FAX: 212-522-0794


And, if you have a blog or website or mailing list and want to spread this to your friends, cool.

Interesting to see what (if anything) happens. Even if it just causes them to worry for a couple of minutes... or consider spending more pages on writers or poets or people who matter... that’s cool.

- Bill


pooks said...

Excellent idea.

I want more stories about Johnny Depp.

What? What did I say?

Laura Reyna said...

I had just renewed Premiere when it folded. Then they started sending me US Magazine.

What a fucking piece of shit, not-even-worth-wiping-your-ass-with rag this is!!!

I've never even heard of half the people in it. Just a bunch of vapid stories about equally vapid TV stars.

I don't watch TV & I don't fucking care!

I am so fucking pissed. No more movies or real actors, just stupid anorexic "celebrities" famous for no reason UGH!

wcmartell said...

You're right - it's US that ends up in my trash can...

So, write them instead. I'll track down their info online (what I did with People) and post it here.

For me, the pisser is that *entertainment* is being replaced with *celebrity*.

- Bill

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