Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Drag Me To Hell Poster - Is She Diggin' It?

Two great pieces in Patrick Goldstein's LA Times Blog on movie posters.

First he looks at the poster for DRAG ME TO HELL and wonders if that is a look of ecstacy... and what does that mean?
Drag Me To The Bedroom?

And then he looks at some other cool posters from the past.
Great Movie Posters.

Chinatown - Buy it!

I have a copy of the CHINATOWN poster, and my super 8mm feature had a great poster by mt friend Brenda that was modeled after it. For me, the modern practice of just throwing a bunch of star's faces around the film title isa terrible idea. A movie poster needs to show us what the movie is going to be - like DRAG ME and CHINATOWN and JAWS and many others that give us the story and the tone for the movie that we will see. CHINATOWN was at the height of Jack Nicholson's stardom, yet it's not all about Jack... it's his character and the woman who haunts him.

posters - Buy it!

- Bill

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