Friday, June 25, 2010

Trailer Day

Okay, the original plan was to have the SUSPICION edition of Fridays With Hitchcock ready by today... but the original plan was also to run a review of THE OUTFIT on Wednesday. None of these things got done.

The good news is, I think I am on track with the assignment script - I have one more difficlut day (tomorrow) and then all of the difficult things will be set up and the story kicks into gear... and it's the unexpected difficult things that will get in my way from that point on. Wrote a cool scene today, and I'm happy with it.

But I have nothing for today except this link...

1) Query Letters From Hell!

Plus some movie trailers and this short that I posted on FaceBook.

2) A great short I saw at Raindance last year which won Bablegum this year. Very creepy and beautifully shot - and well written. One of the great things about going to festivals is seeing all of this fantastic talent that's out there... that Hollywood has no idea exists. One of the great things is the title - who is the monster in this film?

Lots of dread and suspense and at least one jump moment... but the relationship between the two kids is more frightening than that thing living in the basement. The director bought me beers one night until neither of us could stand... and is a friendly, funny guy.

3) A feature I saw at Raindance from Hungary - a zillion twists, lots of suspense, and an interesting character study thrown in for the subtitle crowd. A lonely medical examiner starts a relationship... and gets an offer to kill a stranger for a pile of cash. He is used to dead people, so maybe he could kill someone? But nothing is what it seems. Is the new woman in his life part of the assassination plot? And if she isn't, how can he kill a stranger and then act like nothing has happened when they go on their date? Greatest opening scene I've seen in ages!

4) Trailer for another movie I saw at Raindance... back in 2004. This one is available in the USA now... but the english trailer on YouTube is of poor quality, so here is the Belgium trailer. The worst lounge singer in the world's van breaks down in the backwoods, and a widowed resort owner takes him in... dresses him as his wife... and...

5) The winner of Best Foreign language film at Raindance last year (I handed out the award) was this kick-ass Spanish crime film that is like LEON: THE PROFESSIONAL with a dozen plot twists and some great characters...

Okay, hopefully *next week* there will be some of the new blog entries promised!

- Bill

TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: Original & Emotional Action Scenes and THE EXPENDABLES, WAR and TRUE LIES. Complete rewrite of an older tip!
Dinner: Steak & Baked Potato & Broccoli & salad & soup.
Bicycle: Longer than expected! Usually I ride away from home to some coffee shop, work, eat dinner nearby, and then ride back home to my local Starbucks for more work... but I decided to ride farther away from home to a restaurant miles away for dinner. Then return to the same coffee shop for my night shift, then ride all the way home. A good ride - worked off the dinner!
Pages: Great day for writing! 8 pages including some difficult stuff.
Movies: Hey, I've seen TOY STORY 3... and you should, too!

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Script Demon said...

Hey Bill. Great post as always. Curious about the state of English Canadian screenwriting? Visit my blog to read my Letter to the Editor published this week.
Vince DC

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