Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Are Ticket Sales Down Due To No Original Screenplays?

We just had the lowest ticket sales for a Memorial Day Weekend in *17 years*, and after last year's record ticket sales (and box office), this year so far is off by 3%... Why? Well, here's an article from the Los Angeles Times that lays the blame on the lack of movies that began as original screenplays...

Why Does Hollywood's Heat Of The Summer Box Office Feel So Ice Cold?

There have been a few other articles in the trades and the papers pointing to the lack of original material on screen or the lack of *script quality* as reasons for this summer slump, and all of this bodes well for *us*, because the studios will probably start buying spec scripts again, and maybe even realize that it takes a great script to make a great movie. Screenwriters will get a little respect...

Until the next remake or sequel makes a ton of money.

- Bill

TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: DVD Explosion! - and how theatrical releases are just commercials.

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