Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tossers Online!

After a very successful festival run, the SoCal Film Group's mockumentary TOSSERS, written and directed by Danny Grossman) is now online for all to see!

The description...

"Welcome Frisbee Dancers!

It started a few years back, when German performance artist Frederik Vilhelm was playing frisbee and ... tripped, basically, but did so in such an artistic and flamboyant way that a new art form was born. This season should prove especially exciting, as last year, we came close to almost very nearly breaking even.

We're excited to have returning champions Willow and Moonbeam Goldberg - they're practicing Vaicans (Vegans Against the Imagination of Cruelty to ANimals). We may also see the return of the famous frisbee dance team sensation Simon & Sherman (provided there's no full moon, and Sherman does not become a werewolf).

Join them and many more as they toss their way into your heart!"


Tossers from Danny Grossman on Vimeo.

- Bill

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