Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Bones - True Terror Comic!

And my friend Shawn Granger's true comic book series about the charming members of his family who were also notorious serial killers is now complete! He grew up with these people... and has turned that experience into a graphic novel. Part 2 comes out on July 4th (Amazon pre-order), here is the link to Part 1...

And here is the link to Part 2...

And here is the story description:

This is the final volume of "Family Bones", a true crime graphic novel about the elderly serial murderers from Missouri. In their 70's, Ray and Faye Copeland were sentenced to death for the murder of many farm workers that lived with them. The tale told through the eyes of their unwitting nephew comes to a gruesome conclusion. And through it all somehow this city boy finds young romance with a neighbor's daughter. Written by the actual great nephew of Ray and Faye Copeland, "Family Bones" is a gritty, fish-out-of-water American gothic that will send shivers down your spine. Art by many of the rising stars in the comic book industry; including Brent Giles, Mannie Abeleda, Pablo Agustin Lordi, Stefano Cardoselli, Kyle Strahm, Will Caligan, & more.

- Bill

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