Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Story Meeting

Writers often wonder what a story meeting is like. And how often do they read your screenplay, think it is perfect, and just film the sucker?

When we had message boards over on my website one of the regulars, James Patrick Joyce, would jump in and offer spot on advice when I was ignoring my own message boards by being on other website's message boards. Some day he will either win an Oscar or have James Cameron bitch about his latest movie in 3D conversion. He sent me a link to this perfect recreation of the average Hollywood story meeting...

Be prepared - this is in your future!

- Bill


TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: Your Inciting Incident - and why it creates the rest of the script.
Dinner: Togos - pastrami.
Pages: More work on my Expo classes, a bit on the rewrite.
Bicycle: Yes - it was raining, but I rode up to the NoHo Panera for the afternoon shift, then rode between the raindrops back to Vent & Vine for the night shift.


JabberWocky said...

Why the hell did you turn down Angels/Demons, Bill?

wcmartell said...

Angels & Demons story:

Anonymous said...


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