Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Expo Screenwriting Contest Semifinalists


A Far Signal - Noelle Foster
Aitu - Sean Malcolm
Alamo-Duluth: Anatomy of a Lynching - Dale Botten
An Unromantic Comedy - Andy Silverman
Army Ants - Andy Cannistra
Battlecruiser - David Hitchcock
Black Friday - Greg Ernstrom
Blood in the Snow - Susannah Petty
Bronco - Ryan McDonald
Caliburn - Nicholas Horwood
Chasing 4 A.M. - Claudine Huffman
Chuck Hodges Conquers the Universe - David Ball
Clear Cut Love - Tanner Givnan
Cold Barrel Zero - Ronald L. Ecker
Dead Air - Walter Bauer & Paul Loeschke
Dirty Wars - Elizabeth L. Silver
Facebook Revolution - Marc Fienberg
Fugue - Laura Lee Bahr & Andrew Gettens
Get Over It - Natalie Ellis
Gluttons - William Sikorski Jr. & William Sikorski III
Holiday - Philippe Forest
How Do I Love Thee - Susu Langlands
Lifestyle - David Hanson
Monster World - Pat Carey & Wyatt Carey
New Mommy - Hamilton Mitchell
On the Fly - Sammye Pokryfki
Rail Brothers - Jonathan Holly
Salvation, TX - Michael G. Gorman
Served Cold - Steven Pryor
Suck It - Kamal Moo
Summer Camp - Diane L. Hanks
Summer Villains - Macon Blair
The Home Front - Richard Herstek
The Lost Treasure of Captain Kidd - David A. Hernandez
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - Dane Edward McCauley
The Moonbeam Fisherman - John Dummer
The Price of Babylon - Dean Espinoza
The Switch - Derek Domino
The Wind Riders - Jeff Ryback
To A Dancing God - Robert S. Horvath
Transit - Nicholas Julius
Truthies - Carlo DeCarlo
Whitey Don't Learn - Stephen Kunc
Wrath - John Semikan


30 Rock: "Doppelganger" - Justin R.Schoenfelder
30 Rock: "The Agedly Feeble - Carolyn Kras
Alaska is a Drag - Shaz Bennett
Bodies of Work - NYC - Jorge C. Perez
City of Nights - Grainne Godfree & William Joe Saunders
Curb Your Enthusiasm: "Spic N Span"
Dexter: "Sins of the Father" - Anuradha Vikram & Stephan Vladimir Bigaj
Fight Club and the 5th Street Gym - Tyrone Booze, Mike Kaplan & Dick Zimmerman
How I Met Your Mother: "Identidating" - Wayne Chiang
Incognito - Scott A. Peterson
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: "The Gang is Haunted" - Jeremy McCann
LP - Jonathan Brainard
Mad Men: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" - Alex Simon
Medium: "From Here to Fraternity" - Tony Eichberger
Modern Family: "Friendly Fire" - Charity Paniamogon
NCIS: "Countdown" - Tammy Olsen & Shawna Moore
Parks and Recreation: "The Election" - Rahom Kazeem
Scalpers - Mike Jelinek
Serial - Matt Sagona
SkinnyMax - Brian Chin-You
The Big Bang Theory: "Head Six Penny" - Jessica Rondash
The Debate - John S. Bushman & Ruth Baird
The Office: "Puppy Love" - Andrea Abel
Two and a Half Men: "Quite Possibly, Definitely, The Next Mrs. Alan Harper" - Augustine Covert
Ultimate Swag - Nicole Wright


An Unromantic Comedy - Andy Silverman
Clear Cut Love - Tanner Givnan
Get Over It - Natalie Ellis
New Mommy - Hamilton Mitchell
Transit - Jason Groce

Above Water - Andy Cannistra
Aurora - Kristi L. Simkins
Broken Me - Maurice Blocker II
No Cigarettes in Space or Untitled Russian Moon Landing - Sundae Jahant-Osborn
The Soil and the Taste of the Grape - Richard Herstek
Weeping Willow - Dennis Shutty

Oh, and I am teaching 2 classes at Expo this year:
Noir & Mysteries on Friday 10/8 @ 2pm, and
Generating High Concept Ideas on Friday 10/8 @ 4pm.

Screenwriting Expo 2010.

- Bill

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