Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Writer Behind TAKEN

Many months ago when the trailer for the new Luc Besson movie TAKEN surfaced, I posted it here - it looked cool. The film came out, and was an unexpected hit. It's made over $100 million in the USA, and was #3 over the weekend... after 5 weeks in release. It's #2 *today*. Not bad for a French film starring an Irish actor.

Today's Los Angeles Times has an interview with the co-writer, and it's worth a read:

Robert Mark Kamen interview

By the way, this interview answered a long standing question - how did these two ever become partners? Is Besson a huge KARATE KID fan or something?

- Bill


Grant said...

Coincidentally, I finally got around to seeing this today. I've been meaning to since it came out, but it wasn't at the theaters I can walk to, ended up seeing something else instead, etc, etc.

The 1:45 matinee. On a Tuesday. Week six. There were still 20 people in the theater! Not exactly packed, but under those criteria I was blown away by the crowd.

It took a little time to get going, but when it did I was digging it. There's just something about getting punched in the throat, and that happened about 500 times.

Anonymous said...

Must be nice to get a lot of your crazy ideas considered -- 8 per day, huh?

Pete Bauer said...

What a dream gig! That's every writer's fantasy.

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