Friday, March 13, 2009

Screenwriter of BOURNE and DUPLICITY talks...

There is and interesting interview in The New Yorker with screenwriter Tony Gilroy, who was a writer on all three BOURNE movies and writer-director on MICHAEL CLAYTON and the new Julia Roberts-Clive Owen movie DUPLICITY.

Tony Gilroy Interview

Interesting that he doesn't hold anything back when it comes to directors he's worked with and some of the other behind the scenes drama on his films.

- Bill

UK TV - M4M2 - 3/18/09 - 18:30 Black Thunder - When the world's most powerful stealth jet fighter falls into enemy hands, only one man can get it back. Starring Michael Dudikoff.

You have been warned.


Grant said...


I know you've complained about the way many of your movies turned out. But it's a little depressing to see Gilroy complain about how movies as awesome as the Bourne flicks were ruined. Ruined! It makes me wonder if I'm trying to get into the right business...

wcmartell said...

t's not just something that happens in the low budget world, idiots are everywhere... and at every level.

Almost a year ago I began a blog entry on the massive script changes in NOTTINGHAM... but something happened and I never finished it. Now that they are starting to cast the film, I think I'll finish that piece and post it.

- Bill

Martin_B said...

A line from the article that struck me:

"For a time, he sold gray-market copier ink to pay the rent. He was talented at the work, and says that it was good training for Hollywood."

Really? Is he being serious here, or just making a joke about Hollywood? (Asks martinb with renewed hope, remembering that he once sold encyclopedias, although not particularly successfully.)

Morgan McKinnon said...

That was a great interview.

I look forward to your blog entry.

Anonymous said...

How about what they are doing to Edwin A Salt, to be a vehicle for Tom Cruise? Now it is filming as Salt with Angelina Jolie in Tom's roll -- major script change there

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