Wednesday, March 25, 2009

VHS Box Art+ Bill On The Radio Again

I am on the radio tonight: Screenwriter's Utopia Script Talk - the subject is Killer B Movies, and the other guest on the show is the writer of MUTANT ON THE BOUNTY.

Classic B Movie VHS box covers! Hundreds of them! How many of these films have you seen? Above are a couple of my sleazy contributions.

And I'm doing a one day class for the Screenwriting Expo on May 3rd: Edge Of Your Seat - Horror & Thriller Writing. Come on down, it'll be some pretty scary stuff!

- Bill

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Anonymous said...

This has little to do with your post, but I had to mention "conflict condom" from your script tip today.

That is hands down one of the dopest descriptions of a neutered dramatics I have ever read.

I laughed and learned.

All hail.

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